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The Feather Men

The Feather Men

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In that respect, the film is a complete turnaround of the book, where the villains are made to appear righteous.

It is perhaps the ultimate vigilante story, a tale that combines the white-knuckled tension of The Day of the Jackal and the revelatory drama of Spycatcher. How the hired killers went about their task (making each murder look like an accident), how they were finally apprehended and how this case in 1990 also put an end to the Committee--or so Fiennes ( Hell on Ice ) contends its members have assured him--makes for a highly suspenseful tale. If it is as non-fiction as it claims to be, this book renders 007’s evil at the Grade school level, and even limits Le Carre to early post-secondary stuff. And in the end he succeeds not only in foiling de Villiers final attempt but in capturing him as well.And not only is it ‘possible’ but it is sometimes ‘necessary’ to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. The paperback editions, however, presented the book as purely fiction and omitted the index and illustrations. The Feather Men is the riveting story of the efforts by a private British vigilance committee to eliminate a band of coldblooded contract killers.

g. a block diagram of the modification of the BMW car brake system to incorporate remote radio control) and an index. The Feather Men somehow grok that the accidental deaths of four SAS are not so accidental and spend ten years hunting down the killers, killing two and nabbing the ringleader during his attempt on the author's life. This absorbing book details their 14-year struggle to capture the Clinic, a band of contract killers who murdered four former British soldiers. I enjoyed the movie adaptation and as the book had a controversial history I was interested in reading it.The group would be paid one million dollars for each confirmed revenge killing, which included video recording of the target being accused of the death of the appropriate son. It's a true story, but the way the author told the story made for a slowly paced narrative and even a bit confusing from time to time. Like a number of other readers, I came to this book via the movie, which was such a success that it caused the author and the publisher to change the book's title from the original (The Feather Men). I had thought it would be a military history type of book and was surprised that it was a "fact or fiction" thriller/ actual event novel. I had this book many many moons ago and somehow it has disappeared when i had thought about reading it.

I happened to read that book in Saigon in 1963, some ten years after it was written, in the city where much of the action takes place, and even though the situation had changed since then the book still struck me as totally true to life.By using the Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. It is a fascinating account of a tenacious double manhunt: the assassins stalking their victims and the Feather Men pursuing the assassins.

Well written with at times too much detail but on reflection it was needed to ensure the reader understood fully what was going on. I was a little disappointed (although I knew it was a used book) that the pages were quite heavily yellowed. Readers will be given pause, however, by Fiennes's wont to romanticize vigilante justice and his assertion that for 20 years the British ``have had good reason to be grateful for the Feather Men's protective presence.Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet, OBE, better known as Ranulph (Ran) Fiennes, is a British adventurer and holder of several endurance records. Whether or not the story is fact, fiction, or somewhere in-between, it is an engaging story of two groups chasing each other over the years on the fringes of the law. One, the clinic, consisting of three contract killers, and the other, the feathermen, a body of men dedicated to protecting the interest of the men and their families, who serve or have served in the SAS. The story is intriguing - hired killers getting revenge for an Arab sheik by performing hits on the British SAS men who killed one or another of the sheik's 4 sons. But well written, easy to follow and does away with the ridiculous action that the movie versions relish but just as entertaining.

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