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Dceased: Dead Planet

Dceased: Dead Planet

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At that moment, an injured Hawkgirl falls from the sky, and explains that Captain Atom is about to explode in Washington, D.

Back on Earth, in the Tower of Fate, Constantine and Fate are in front of a door, which John opens and enters. Swamp Thing explains to Constantine that there is a garden in Australia which needs his help, to which John refuses at first, but not before Swamp Thing angrily convinces him otherwise. In Australia however, the League wasn't fairing well against the Amazos and it was in Magnus Labs that Cyborg infects the Amazos with a virus, which shut down all the other Amazos.With the Amazos dealt with, Superman arrived in Europe and despite the danger Trigon possessed to him, he was able to beat him down long enough for Constantine, using Deadman's powers to possess the demon and make him kill himself with the Spear of Destiny, ending the demonic threat in Europe. Batman succumbs to the infection and attacks Alfred, Alfred apologizes to Bruce before shooting him. If there’s a chance, even if it would require incredible sacrifices, would it justify the risk to explore the possibility?

John attempted to convince Miracle to aid him and through the lasso, revealed to him of the cure to save his wife Barda. In the Australian bunker, Penguin demands to know the progress of Ivo's androids, which he replies with are nearly done. The two Supermen enter the ship and find a decimated Brainiac, who warns them that the infected New Gods are coming. The sequel also received critical acclaim with critics praising the art, plot, and the optimistic finale. Captain Cold stays behind to hold off Wonder Woman, Mirror Master goes back to get Captain Cold but is bitten by him.

Jason Blood, who is also in the bunker, tells Constantine that Trigon is coming to destroy the Earth since the Anti-Life is preventing people from dying.

In the aftermath of a battle with the forces of Apokolips, Batman discovers that Cyborg has been kidnapped. Deathstroke wakes up, finding Savage ready to vivisect both Deathstroke and Creeper's organs to discover how they manage to overcome the infection and create a vaccine. Mister Miracle and Big Barda battle the duo to give the other heroes time to find the time machine, but they soon succumb to the mobs of infected. There are more touching and emotional scenes throughout the series which Taylor is just so great with, so it’s awesome to see him continue to execute that.It is revealed that Green Lantern also saved the group at the Daily Planet in a green energy shield bubble. Mostly though the book has too many characters doing too many things, rushing towards a messy, convoluted and unsurprising finale. Five years later, Supergirl's transport arrives on New Genesis only for her to be immediately attacked by infected New Gods.

Lex Luthor saddened by the destruction of Metropolis, arrives and offers to join forces with Superman. While they formulate a plan, Brainiac notices that Mister Miracle's motherbox has been infected and linked, notifying the infected new gods as they lay siege to Earth-2 shortly after. Before Bane can pursue, Solomon Grundy arrives and rips off Bane's head and throws it at the infected. Swamp Thing is angered that the villains are torturing Floronic Man and forcing him to produce food for them but he and Shadowpact are forced to flee when Penguin reveals his plan to use an army of Amazos to take back the earth. Damian punches Constantine for causing Red Hood's death, and Spectre appears in front of Constantine but leaves looking into his mind and seeing his plan.

Meanwhile, Swamp Thing appears and convinces Shadowpact to travel with him to Australia after he reveals a disturbance in the Green and tells them there is a bunker of human survivors holed up there. played big parts in this book - and it’s fun to see less well-known characters cameo here and there, like Doctor Fate and Metron.

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