My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought Vol. 1

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My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought Vol. 1

My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought Vol. 1

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They are definitely written interestingly, but I usually enjoy stories where you delve into people end get to know them better. The puzzle's final image is, unfortunately, not as refined as it should have been, mostly by virtue of its first half. Sad as it may be, the manga, written by Hajime Inoryu and illustrated by Shota Ito, is most memorable for its visual style. I was thinking it would have be analyzing more in the detail about his relationship with Eiji, but at the beginning of this chapter the focus of the narration switch to Kyouka but it’s only a small parenthesis before we get to know why Eiji’s father was chose as a scapegoat. He has no clue how he started dating her, but she seems quite taken with whoever was commanding the protagonist’s brain until then.

Amazing character writing, everyone has a connection whether it be a good or bad one, they're written well.They are complex, well fleshed out and their motivations are well founded, yet they still managed the be cliché characters. Soon enough we find out that she has a personal connection with one of the victims of the serial killer.

I love psychological manga and this was one of the greatest pyscological manga, along with Blood on the tracks, monster, and pun pun. Shinai naru Boku e Satsui wo Komete" is an enthralling psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge until the very last page. Each character has their own distinctive artistic style, whether it's carefree, mysterious, strong, or resentful.Overall great character writing, every character has an appropriate amount of screentime and well written backstories. With no girlfriend, he hangs out with a group of unsuccessful friends and is hated by almost everyone due to his status as the son of a serial killer. They idolize the aforementioned serial killer to the extent that they welcomed the protagonist, the serial killer’s son, with open arms. It starts up really quickly it's about Urashima Eiji an ordinary student who went out drinking and then, woke up with a girlfriend and no recollection of what happened.

My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought ( Japanese: 親愛なる僕へ殺意をこめて, Hepburn: Shinainaru Boku e Satsui o Komete) is a Japanese manga series written by Hajime Inoryu and illustrated by Shota Ito. My dearest self with malice aforethought stands out with its captivating storyline, much like any good crime narrative.much on the insanity of their characters and lose sight of what makes this whole genre so damn interesting in the first place, the tactics with which these characters interact with each other. The story: Again, the integrity is pretty good, but because of the countless ex-machina and convinietly introduced new characters it felt pretty subpar. When he finally realizes the "malice" concealed in his body, he becomes entangled in a disatrous tragedy. Malice Aforethought on the other with the execution and pure amount of plot twists it had me on my knees begging for more.

When he wakes up he discovers a beautiful girl next to him who treats him as if they are in a loving relationship. Plot twists were AMAZING, you never knew whether or not a character was really good or not, since most mfs switched up on my man eiji. Also another thing to mention, the plot is a bit incoherent at times since the story is a bit fast paced and it has some time skips and flashbacks to create a deeper understanding of each character.The story follows Urashima Eiji, a college student, goes to sleep after a fun drinking night with his friends. a 10/10, The art was phenomenal, and the artist has a very unique and grotesque style, which I personally endeared. Anyways, if want to know why this manga is so good, just look at other reviews that have enjoyed this manga as much as I have. In any case, the guy is happy enough to let this sudden girlfriend of his believe that she’s dating the other version of himself. Overall, it's really hard to give this story review without spoiling anything, but it's definitely top tier.

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