BOSS Ge-7 7-Band Eq Pedal, Compact Eq Pedal with 7 Bands of Adjustable Eq Sliders

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BOSS Ge-7 7-Band Eq Pedal, Compact Eq Pedal with 7 Bands of Adjustable Eq Sliders

BOSS Ge-7 7-Band Eq Pedal, Compact Eq Pedal with 7 Bands of Adjustable Eq Sliders

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The new customer accounts will very clearly show what Roland/Boss products the customer owns but also pull through any relevant information or services available to the customer in support of their product(s) May 2021. The following changes will bring consistency to all sales territories as currently there are local variances. Lots of guitarists underestimate the power they can hold with a simple graphic EQ pedal like this GE-7. Boosting for solos, cutting out problem frequencies, reshaping the natural sound of the guitar (i.e. cutting away the bottom end of an LP or boosting the lower mids of an S-type): there are loads of powerful ways you can take advantage of an EQ pedal! The customer no longer needs to register the product, however, a new Roland Account system/campaign will launch later this month

BOSS’s colourful stomp boxes are the most recognisable pedal range in existence. For over 40 years, guitarists from bedrooms to stadiums have put their boot down on a BOSS effect to transform their sound. Several models have passed into guitar legend and early examples can fetch extremely high prices. Happily, BOSS have maintained their stellar reputation for world-class effects in bomb-proof casing with their current range and have fended off the imitators for decades to remain the pre-eminent single pedal effects manufacturer in the business. If there’s an effect for guitar (or bass, vocals, keys…be creative!) then you can bet BOSS have a pedal of it in their range or even invented it outright! Every guitar player should get to experience the joy of selecting a pedal from BOSS’s exhaustive roster, plugging it in and unleashing their wildest sonic dreams. I would strongly recommend this unit to any guitarist playing in a band, especially if there are other midrange focused instruments. What works for me is : cut off 100HZ, slightly cut 200HZ, slightly boost 400HZ, slightly cut 800HZ, slightly boost 1KHZ, 3.2KHZ at unity or slightly below, 6,4HZ is basically the presence, so I adjust it depending on the amp and the context. The GE-7 proved really effective at the task. Basically I use it only to make my tone sit nicely in the mix on rehearsals or gigs. I don't use it at home, because what I'm trying to do is to sound as good as home in a band context. I don't use it to create special sounds or to make my amp sound like another one, though it can certainly do that. AC adaptor (PSA series: sold separately) Current Draw 30 mA Expected battery life under continuous use Carbon: Approx. 9 hoursThe Boss GE-7 equaliser pedal features seven band EQ so you can boost and from 100Hz to 6.4kHz, there’s also a slider for you to adjust your overall level for further control over your sound. Whether or not it's capable of competing with more refined boutique models depends on how demanding you are, and how capable you are at recognizing subtleties in terms of tone. This isn't to say that it's a crude tool, but rather a more robust solution for those who are operating on a tighter budget. It didn't take long before Boss GE-7 became one of the most popular EQ pedals to date. I chose this equalizer after reading opinions on forums. I was looking for a affordable, simple yet effective equalizer, with a good build quality.

The MXR is the perfect boost. It tightens the tone, and adds gain but without congesting and compressing the tone like a overdrive can. It's my fav boost. I still use my Maxon od808, Boss sd-1, and even my metal zone for that purpose, but the MXR 6 band is the best of the bunch and gets the most use from me. The 10 band is also really good, but doesn't sound quite as tight as the 6 band, which is just more focused in it's tone. You should get an instant answer on whether your application has been successful, though in some rare cases Klarna or V12 may need to look at the application in more detail. Even though Boss GE-7 isn't really that cheap, it's still punching above its price range with a lot of headroom to spare. Those looking for a simple graphic EQ are going to love this capable little white box.Minimum “Standard” manufacturer’s warranty will now be 2-years (increase from 1-year standard, down from 3-years extended) If you are using the pedal as a boost in front of the amp? get the MXR. They sound better than any other EQ pedal for that purpose and I have tried them all. The MXR 6 band in particular sounds really good, it has all the right frequencies... 100, 200, 400, 800, 1.6k, 3.2k... Reliability really can be affordable to all. Boss are so sure their compact pedals last the test of time,they cover them with a full five year warranty. Specifications

A frequency range of 100 Hz to 6.47 kHz has been divided into seven bands for you to cut and boost to really shape your guitar tone with the Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer pedal. The GE-7 is a real working man's EQ that brings just what you need to get the job done, and none of those pesky options which are not often used in many cases, and are more distracting than anything else. To its defense, some of the best guitar effects pedals are often times simple in nature. This somewhat robust design offers a great performance that has been tried and tested numerous times by now. The bands available are pretty versatile even for more aggressive genres of music, while they work flawlessly when you need to shape the tone of an acoustic electric guitar. Another boss-babe who has made a career on countless professional pedalboards. 7 frequency bands, which are tailored to the needs of guitarists, make it possible to fine-tune the sound. If you want to filter out the centre of clean sounds, or you need more singing mids in the lead channel, everything is possible. With the 100 Hz control, even a bit more steam in the bass can be added to a combo without drowning out everything at the same. With the level control, a boost / attenuation of +/- 15 dB is possible, so the GE7 is also ideally suited to boost a tube amp without falsifying the fundamental sound.


As we have mentioned before, this is a 7 band graphic EQ. The top part of the pedal is where you will find the corresponding sliders. In addition to the seven bands available, you also have a master level slider to work with. The boost and cut capability is operating within the -15dB to 15dB range. That might not be the most powerful boost you can find, but it's more than enough for most applications. The sliders are rather precise and tactile. You can easily adjust them on the fly, even in conditions with low light. Performance There's a rather extensive list of musicians who will have one of these Boss stompboxes on their pedalboard, even though you could say their tones are a bit more specific. One name that comes to mind is John Mayer. Affordable EQ pedals are not always that great, that is for sure.

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