Petticoat Discipline: A Mother's Story

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Petticoat Discipline: A Mother's Story

Petticoat Discipline: A Mother's Story

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Blushing, I lowered my eyes in embarrassment. “Really dear, you should have been born a girl; wearing pretty dresses is only half the fun.” The gates of the school came into view. “You'd better let me do all the talking, dear. We wouldn't want you to give yourself away.” The paint was only on my clothes but they were ruined. I washed and went to the bedroom to find a very pretty green dress lay on the bed. There was also a lace camisole and matching panties.

As a teenager I always used to spend about ten days each year with Cousin Clare and her parents. Clare wasn’t actually my cousin, but her mother and my mother were at school together, and it was a convenient way to refer to her. Clare was an only child. Mom…?” Peter says softly, trying to gain her attention. “Why would you let this witch do this to me!? Mom…!?” All this continued to my first year of high school. Tenth grade. At the end of it I was kidnapped by said boys and forced as Eric was several times. I was threatened the loss of my mom, who was my only parent since my dad was killed just before my tenth birthday, told to expect more as this was just the beginning and let go. I felt dead and dirty and ashamed of myself and guilty. But true to their word I was their 'girl' forced to please them to the end of school, when I was finally able to get away.The girl squealed and the head sister knew she made the correct choice. Though Tasha had to be punished as per school rules, the young woman became the cheerful girl she was the year before and only committing some rule violation sometimes. Tasha was an inspiration to many of the closeted kids within the boarding school and set up a Gender and Sexualities Alliance within St. John’s Catholic School, being one of the first religious schools to allow such a thing. Eric Walters. My mom is Cassandra, my brother is John. Our dad left 2 years ago. This dress was my punishment for fighting with my brother. I... I started to like it before John..."

mirror now in my training bra and panties, this way and that. I felt so humiliated I wanted to burst out in tears, but I felt I waited by the door with my biggest knife in my hand. It was a big bowie, sharp as a razor, cost me almost a hundred dollars. Carolyn said, “Chrissy my darling are you up to appearing in public dressed as a girl? We wouldn’t want you to give yourself away.” I started crying. Why wouldn't he hate me? How could he care for a dirty freak like me? I wanted to be hated, I hated myself.Sort of. I discussed it with him. We decided on a six months’ trial. He’d go to school dressed a boy but at home he’d be Tammy. As soon as he got in from school he’d slip upstairs and put on something girly. If he got good reports from his teacher he could have time off. If he got bad reports the petticoat punishment would continue. If he got really bad reports he’d have to go to school as Tammy." Carolyn said, “Yes we know that and it must be exciting for you.” I said, “One thing for sure is I know I am going to hate putting on my boy clothes when the weekend is over.” Carolyn replied, “I’m sure you will feel like that.” I'm... I'm not a girl you know. My real name is Eric." I don't know why, but I told him. Maybe he would hate me once he knew the truth, I knew I deserved to be hated. My aunt asked me to set the table. We had dinner and made small talk about nothing in particular. After dinner my aunt asked me to come over so she could have a look at me. She told me that I looked very good. She trimmed my hair and combed it into a much more feminine style.

All finished, sweetheart,” she said, helping to straighten my petticoats as they floated down over my legs. No, Mama, don't make me be Eric, Eric was bad, I don't wanna be bad anymore. I wanna be good, even if I am dirty. I tried to clean up, Mama, but I'm still dirty. I'm so scared..." Look Peter,” she laughs, knowing she has the upper hand. “Your uncle has it down at the junkyard. Just so happens to be hanging over the crusher. Would be a shame if all that work went to waste because you wouldn’t let ol’ auntie Jenny help you.” My auntie told me that I looked very pretty and totally convincing as a girl. We decided that I should have a girl's name in case someone overheard us. Sue suggested Julie and I agreed that I liked that. We finished breakfast, then my auntie put out some more clothes for me so I would have a change. She suggested we go for a walk. I ran until I fell; I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, my whole world was pain again. I could feel blood on my legs, grass in my face, but John didn't have me. I was in a field outside town, and John was nowhere near. It was just me, my dress, and the blood.I want to be a girl.” The answer was quiet and tiny but all the pieces fell into place. Suddenly, Lauren realized that Timothy wasn’t getting into trouble because he was a trouble maker. He was getting into trouble because he was a she and... manner after she told a joke. Carolyn also reminded me of when we ate I was to take small bites and small sips. She got me to drink some water out a glass in small sips. For those first three days, things seemed to go pretty smoothly though. John left me alone mostly, I think he didn't know what to make of it. I kind of got used to the dresses, they were comfortable and soft. I even started helping with housework and being nice to people. It seemed like maybe it was a good idea, and maybe I'd even want to be a girl, it seemed so much calmer than having to be macho and tough all the time. Aunty announced that she was so taken with Madame's idea of having Geraldine serve as a prim maid that she had decided to have her seamstress create a suitable costume for Roberta. "It would be delightful for my guests to be served by a prim boy-girl maid, darling!" Robert burst into anguished tears.

I stayed perfectly still, I knew he'd do it. It was only a matter of time the way things were going, before one of us killed the other anyway. Miss? He thought I was really a girl? At least they wouldn't be coming for me, if they didn't know who I was.It started a year ago. Tom wasn’t doing very well at school. He kept getting into trouble. I decided to do something drastic; I couldn’t let it carry on." She sipped her tea. Carolyn lay me down with my head resting on Aunt Mary’s breasts and then put on her negligee and gown and left the room. Aunt Mary said, “Chrissy my darling can you just get up a minute while I remove my negligee?” As I may have mentioned previously, I have no particular hate for the idea, but to me it is all fantasy and probably kink. Ridicule and humiliation have their place in kink, and there is nothing wrong with that. But in this my story in particular, the situation was presented as actual punishment of a child, rather than safe, sane, consensual kink. And you're right, ridicule and humiliation have no place in the raising of a child, and the results can sometimes be very tragic in a number of ways. envelope. You'll have to wait there for a reply. Now, on your way, and show me you can at least do one thing

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