Fun Time  Lube Cherry Lubricant Gel Water Based Red, 75 Ml

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Fun Time  Lube Cherry Lubricant Gel Water Based Red, 75 Ml

Fun Time  Lube Cherry Lubricant Gel Water Based Red, 75 Ml

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And most importantly: oil-based items and recipes for homemade lube are not compatible with condoms, because the properties in oil can break down latex. Unless you’re using condoms, natural oils are generally great, and are used for massage all over the body because rubbing oil feels really good. Oil-based products also last a lot longer than lubricants that are water-based. This is especially true if the oil you’re using is organic. Aloe vera has many antibacterial properties, which means that it can help you deal with other types of wounds on your skin. Plus, it can even ease the symptoms of conditions such as psoriasis and burns. With that in mind, avoiding a contaminated drivetrain is key to optimum efficiency and ensuring long-lasting parts. Oil-based lubricants offer a lot of ‘slip and slide,’” Charlene explains. “You can also use them when having sex in the shower. But they aren’t suitable for sex toys or latex condoms, as they can cause them to tear or become weaker.”

Lube is always great to have on hand, and for people who aren’t simply interested in what they can grab in their house during a desperate situation, but who would also like to learn more about making their own natural lube, there are some recipes that have been developed by actual chefs you can use to make a lube alternative at home. Yes, you can make your own natural lube in your kitchen. For non-racers, for whom peak speed and efficiency isn’t the ultimate goal, reducing drivetrain wear – and therefore extending the life of your components – can potentially save you a fair amount of money. Chances are that you have a bottle of aloe vera that’s been sitting for months by your bedside, or you’re keeping it in the closet for the summertime, so you can soothe your bad sunburns. Most everybody has some aloe vera somewhere around, and did you know that it has a lot of other uses besides alleviating redness and providing a cooling sensation?

Wet lubes are designed for riding in wet or year-round conditions and, as such, generally contain greater quantities of higher viscosity synthetic oils, as well as additives such as PTFE. Unlike most dry/wax types, this doesn't scab off and evict contaminant as you ride, but is designed not to collect grot in the first instance. Chains should always be purged of any existing lubricant, although the rich solvent mixture will strip the Extreme and Gold siblings without needing to go the chain bath route.

It’s imperative that a food-grade lubricant such as Taylor Lube is used on your soft serve or shake freezer as it contains no hazardous ingredients and is certified ‘food-safe’. It’s transparent and odourless, and certified for use on all Taylor machines, you should never use products such as Vaseline, whilst they look very similar to Taylor lube, they are not designed to be used on our equipment and are not of food grade quality. First things first: it can be a good idea to look for a lube that’s pH balanced, otherwise the natural bacteria in the vagina could be disrupted, potentially leading to yeast infections like thrush. IMO it's best to make a small batch per Bens directions, try it out, and if it's not up to what you're looking for try experimenting with it. It’s recommended, once you dig out that bottle, that you take a test of it and put a little bit of aloe vera on the inside of your elbow first. This way, you can ensure that you’re not allergic to the latex that naturally occurs in aloe vera (and if you already know you have a latex allergy, you should steer clear of aloe in the first place). And, since aloe vera doesn’t contain any oils or any other properties that may break down latex, this slippery stuff is completely safe to use with condoms. In fact, it’s typically an ingredient in lubricants that you’ll buy at the drugstore. Just make sure you use pure aloe vera–not the bright green kind you’ll find at Target during the summer. For watt-conscious racers who don’t fancy themselves as chain cookers, companies such as Ceramicspeed, Watt Shop and Zero Friction Cycling now sell pre-prepared waxed chains.You should always apply lube to a clean chain, so it’s good to know how easy it is to get these lubes off. I first tried washing them with plain water, then sprayed them with paraffin, then finally I hosed them off. While drive chains aren’t kept in a bath of lubricant, a decent lube will – to some extent – help to reduce this damage, especially where it creeps under the unsealed roller. By far the most versatile (thanks to their match with adult toys), water-based lubes are thin, slippery and easy to rinse off when the fun ends. Air drying and being safely absorbed by the body does make them more prone to drying out mid-action. The light, minimal-friction formula makes excellent transition to control cables and pivot points too, keeping them lubricated but with no risk of gumming up. Bargain basement store-branded cable sets without PTFE coated liners or similar friction-busting potions showed particular improvement after being fed a few drops. Unless you’ve got a motorcycle with a shaft- or belt-drive, chain lube is an essential part of motorcycle maintenance.

Red Line Liquid Assembly Lube is a new, convenient version of the chemistry found in the popular Assembly Lube paste sold in tubs. If you’re thinking, “That sounds like quite a lot of hassle…”, you wouldn’t be wrong. It is, at least initially. Aside from the lube’s base (explained in detail above), here are a few key criteria to keep in mind when shopping for lube: After all, the more expensive your parts, the more expensive they are to replace. Have you ever looked up the price of a Shimano Dura-Ace, SRAM Red or Campagnolo Super Record cassette? Yikes… Types of chain lube The lubes are decanted into a beaker before being tested to allow them to de-gas, but that can mean that waxy and oily lubes can’t really be directly compared. But still, XCP stood out as having a truly brilliant wear protection level, actually matching that of gear oil.

The Best Lube for Sensitive Skin: Sliquid H20

The first thing we noted when we saw the bottles from Roam was the braille on the side of the bottle. This is the only time we have seen something like this on any of the bottles. It wasn’t a discreet placement eitherm but the entire side of the bottle. We never think of lube as needing to have a well thought out design or be inclusive but Roam highlights how clever little additions can make a product. Some of us may find that our vulva’s natural lubrication isn't always enough. “This can cause friction and pain, but lubricant can help prevent this,” Charlene continues. Hoo Raa’s lube has been designed for “frictionless fumbles together or alone” with 240mg of CBD isolate added for good measure.

Once it’s been properly cleaned and treated though, waxed chains have, in our experience, an incredible ability to shrug off dirt and grime. While all of the above are valid uses, anyone can get a little something from getting slippy. So, if you’re wondering “what is lube?” or “which lube is right for me?”, pens, paper and sex toys at the ready – we’re about to give you the lowdown on all things lube.


The first impression of this product is that it in no way looks like lube. The design, colour choice and wording are so discreet that you could stare directly at it and still not realise. Also, before you use any type of lube for the first time (even if you decide in the end to rely on commercial, store-bought lube), you should rub some on your skin and conduct a test to see if it causes any kind of reaction. If it does, or if you’re still nervous, you can consult with your doctor to ask if it’s okay to use a specific product or recipe for homemade lube. In the end, however, there are lots of options, and you’re sure to find something that works great for both you and your partner.

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